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Schungite for water.Kits for water purification, for filters, elite Shungit, powder Celý článek
Schungite.Schungite - what is it ?Celý článek
Selenite lamps.Selenite lamps from Maroc.Celý článek



Welcome to the online store mineral -

• This year we celebrate 34 years of wholesale of precious stones - since 1988
• We are one of the largest companies in the industry in the Czech Republic
• All items are shown on our store
• We select and purchase goods directly in various countries around the world
• We send you only graded and selected pieces
• Enter and you can choose , we wish you a pleasant shopping
Our dedicated E -shop for all that interested stones or products thereof and E -shop is for registered wholesale customers and retailers at wholesale prices.

To access the E -shop wholesale first register and then login using .

We have the largest and widest range in Central Europe with the best prices on the market in the country.


Minerals , jewelry , polished stones , figurines , lamps, candle holders , decoration - Wholesale

pendants and earrings from semi-precious stones jewelery Plated

pendants and earrings with genuine stones in silver Ag 925/1000

necklaces and bracelets of beads , shapes and tumbled stones

tumbled stones , natural stones , balls , paperweights , hearts , faceted crystals

Cut pieces of precious stones

onyx - aragonite honed products from Pakistan

agate geodes, agate hours , agate bookend a variety of products from agate

collection minerals for beginning and advanced collectors , school collections

electric salt lamps , salt lamps to candle , salt soaps, bath salts

crude salt stones , salt bricks for the construction of salt caverns and saunas

natural crystals and stones for healing

feng - shui crystals

esoteric pendulum stone and metal

Orgonite and all the production orgonite

jewelry , necklaces , bracelets made ​​of real river and sea pearls

complete fountain of precious stones , electric lamps and a candle of precious stones

Amethyst , Citrine geodes and crystal Druze

Shungites raw , crushed , shungit pyramids and balls

packaging - bags , boxes and stands

Findings jewelry in jewelry , leather straps

Findings of silver Ag 925/1000

headmassagers , bodymassagers , massage rings

decorative and gift items made ​​of semiprecious stones and many more


Minerály, šperky, broušené kameny, sošky, lampy, svícny, dekorace - velkoobchod

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