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Kits for water purification, for filters, elite Shungit, powder

Are you tired of drinking chlorinated water, full of impurities and chemicals? Today we all know that  tap water brings a lot of health problems if you don"t clean it with special filters or in other ways. The use of shungit  is the best  alternative  to purificate your water. Shungit  additionally  will sructure water energy  and  will fill it with minerals and helpful substances. Using Shungit you can get a really clean, pure water! The stone due to its porous structure absorbs and neutralizes harmful impurities and is  much more effective than  activated carbon! Would you like to have clean and energizing water every day at home, useful in its mineral composition and as  fresh as spring water? Try to prepare it with Shungit! It"s affordable, easy to use and the  benefits of such a  wonderful water are huge!

It is very easy to prepare a clean mineralized water at home, just buy stones or chips of rock at the rate of 100 grams per a liter of water. Then wash stones and boil for 1 min and let these stones to be in a water for 3 days. Then, this first portion of water is very good for local usage, it is very concentrated, don"t drink it. Add the new portion of water to the stones. Within half an hour the water gets anti-bacterial properties, and in three days acquires all of its healing properties. This water is ready for drinking and other usages.  Finally you should pour that infused water into another vessel,  ready to be drank, and add a new portion of water to the vessel with stones.

       If you want to use stones for your well  - it will be enough to load it by 30 - 60 kg of Shungit gravel to purificate it from bacterial contamination, nitrates, oil and to give to water  active properties.

       Water  infused with Shungit has overall energizing and rejuvenating effects on the body. It cleans the face, smooths wrinkles, eliminates irritation, itching and rashes.  Skin becomes  naturally elastic and hydrated. Shungit water strenghtens  the hair,  provides  it a healthy shine and make dandruff disappear! Such an amazing water cures kidney disease, liver, gall-stone disease, heartburn...

It is  as well effective in treating vegetative-vascular dystonia,  gastrointestinal tract disorders,  and musculoskeletal, genitourinary  and circulatory systems different problems.  Shungit water also removes the allergic condition and improves the overall tone of the body!

    As soon as you start to drink Shungit water you will be gifted with an excellent state of health and will find  relief from many diseases.