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Shungites - Legends, facts, information
Since ancient times people have attributed magical power of stones and believed to protect them from evil spirits and bring good luck and health.
Modern medicine has a long and stubbornly resisted the idea of ​​the healing effects of stones. Therefore ranked therapy (from the Greek Litos - stone) in the occult sciences. But in history there are many examples when people turned to the forgotten methods that seemed pointless and naive ... and numerous times convincing about their effectiveness.

In our uneasy world with multiple stresses it is not wise to ignore the experience of previous generations. Substances ancient natural medicine over the millennia to verify people are prepared and made for man and for the sake of man. We reliably and safely use these experiences and complement the research on advanced level.

Examples of current progress, new methods therapy seems schungites  therapy development.

Shungites - amazing miraculous rock, whose history is avoided probably because not peoples occurs in the northern regions.

Shungites - is specific rock containing carbon, silicon, and almost the entire table of chemical elements, which got its name from the place of occurrence, from the Karelian village Sung, on the shore of Lake Onega in northwestern Russia. The discovery of the healing power Shungites is associated with the name of the great Russian Tsar Peter I, on whose orders are carried out first experiments Czarist medics Shungites and mineral water. Legend has it that in the Battle of Poltava in the hot summer of 1709, all the water resources become dangerous for people. This resulted in the Swedish army, including the King of Sweden, the incidence of multiple gastric illness while in the Russian army is virtually non-existent these problems, such as to disinfect water for personal orders the Tsar were used bits of black "čertovského stone" - Shungites.

As a result of medical research at Imperial warrant directly at the source šungitových plants were built the first Russian spa - "Marciální water", who repeatedly treated himself Tsar Peter I and his family. But after his death came early bath in decline and Shungites been forgotten. His reappearance of the miraculous stone finally received relatively recently. Over the last few years, proven its therapeutic effects, developed new technologies and industrial production commenced preparations and filters the water from Shungites and which millions of people use them.

Shungites contains carbon not only traditional but also unusual, scientists have recently discovered, the form of fullerenes, whose sensational performance deals with the trade press and are difficult to obtain laboratory means.

In nature, fullerenes were first discovered in Shungites, then they were also found to have several places on Earth (and always in places falling meteorites or asteroids). This gave impetus to the establishment and development of entirely new branch of science and technology - fullerene chemistry, molecular electronics, etc. It is assumed that, for a variety of medicinal effects Shungites owes just fullerenům contained therein. Thus, due to the ability of fullerene molecules associate with organic radicals can create water solutions with high concentrations of substances insoluble in water. Great Expectations scientists inserted in the creation of anti-cancer based on dissolution in water of compounds of fullerenes with radioactive isotopes. In using such a drug could be targeted as the affected cells and prevent their further proliferation.

Shungites has the ability to purify water from nearly all organic and inorganic pollution, including oil and pesticides, metals, including heavy metals, chlorine, etc. in the form of carbon fullerenes are naturally more active than other modifications of carbon. Therefore Shungites has very high sorption and catalytic ability. Research has shown that the surface of the catalytically decomposes or is absorbed most toxic or adverse substances contained in water.

Are unique bactericidal properties Shungites. It proved its effectiveness in the fight against a wide range of bacteria and viruses. Percentage of extinction in the water is 85-98% compared to its prvopočátečnímu state. In addition, it is assumed that Shungites is able to change the structure of water, increasing its power and erasing her memory of negative information about the pollution that were in it to purge. Schungites water and other products Shungites have beneficial properties for the human body, heals many diseases - allergies, inflammatory diseases, skin diseases, etc. It also offers a wide range of application Shungites in pharmacology and cosmetics.

An example of the synergistic benefits of enhancing the shape and natural mineral is a pyramid of Shungites. Skill pyramid odrušovat geopathic influences are widely known. Shungites has a tremendous ability to absorb electromagnetic radiation (making has found wide application in technology in the production of special protective panels, Faraday cells, etc.). To achieve a state where it permanently relaxes your accrued irritability, fatigue and stress, you can easily build a pyramid šungitovou in your room. The circuit operation of such pyramids (which is 4-5 cm high) is at least 5 m. This means that your room you will cease to be a risk zone. It removes all nuisance fields, including fields induced by television, computer, etc., improve the composition of air, it stops the dust irritate you.

Pyramid immersed in ordinary water converts the water to the active. Removes dirt, minerals delivers the optimum ratio and also activates the water. Energy-informational matrix water copied properties schungites pyramid - the energy of the wearer, which is immersed in it. It is reported beneficial effects of this water on the whole body: it improves the overall condition, removes stress, increases energy level, is to simplify and increase the effectiveness of treatment of many diseases.

Can not say that we opened all the secrets of the rare mineral. Intense scientific research, experiments and clinical tests. And now for some miraculous properties Shungites can convince you.

Ing. Irina Vobliková-Rachimbaeva, publishing Lott.

More information can be found in the book "Shungites - Legends, facts, information"