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Iron Meteorite - slit - Sweden

Your price: 40 650 CZK
33 595,04 CZK bez DPH
Regular price: 61 000 CZK
Hmotnost:2.25 kg
Kat. číslo:MEX
Foto:originální foto
Země původu:Švédsko
Balení:1 kus
Size is 18x11x5 cm and weighs 2242 grams. Location Muonionalusta, Sweden is located above the Arctic Circle in northern Sweden near the village Kitkiöjoki. This meteorite is classified as a Class IVA oktaedrit and has a very beautiful structure Widmanstattenových shapes that arise in cross-section after etching with nitric acid. This meteorite hit the ground approximately one million years ago. During glaciation, the individual pieces secondarily transported to other places than the place of the original strewn field. Chemical content of the meteorite is: 8.42% Ni, 2.24 ppm Ga, Ge 0.133 ppm, 1.6 ppm Ir, R. Schaude et al. (1972). The remainder is Fe. This pattern has preserved the original structure of rust, which is typical for this meteorite. Cleaning the rust can get dark surface, which is quite spectacular at first glance, but the meteorite thus freed from their original structure. Meteorites So we leave as is. The next adjustment is however possible.

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