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Terms and Conditions.

E-shop retail - retail sales for customers. For convenient to shop, you can register.
For other purchases, you will not have to fill out the information needed to carry out orders.
For shopping in our online retail registration is not required.

Wholesale E-shop - access and sell only to registered and verified by customers and sales at wholesale in internet shopping ceny.For wholesale, you must register as a trader and based on your business license and Tax ID will grant access to the E-shop wholesale.
For other purchases, you will not have to fill out the information needed to carry out orders.
For shopping in our online wholesale registration is required.

Wholesale Warehouse - Wholesale prices are also valid for all subscriptions in our wholesale store in Dvur Králové nL. At these exhibitions prices may vary.

Minimum purchase of the personal collection of wholesale warehouse is 1200, - CZK incl. Of VAT.
Payment in cash or by credit card possible - we accept all these types of credit cards.


Czech Goods also sent cash on delivery without setting a minimum purchase.
We send no later than the day after ordering.
Shipping package for business in the Czech Republic, according to weight:

• 0 - 4.9 kg = 120, - CZK without VAT
• 5.0 to 9.9 kg = 140, - CZK without VAT
• 10.0 to 19.9 kg = 160, - CZK without VAT

• 20.0 to 30.0 kg = 200, - CZK without VAT

• Each additional package of 30 kg + 100, - CZK without VAT
Shipping costs per package for delivery to Slovakia is by weight:

- 0 - 9.9 kg = CZK 300 including VAT

- 10 to 20 kg = 360,-CZK including VAT

Free shipping - charge.



Packing and packaging methods
Your orders are packed so try to avoid breaking or damaging content, some time hence we pack, packing, but we do not. Unlike other companies in this country have always free packaging.

Orders carefully packed in recyclable or already used materials with maximum consideration not only the safety of the shipments, but also the environment. A very small proportion, therefore, we use recyclable bubble foil for packing goods, most are trying to capitalize on new or already used newspapers and magazines, and cardboard boxes. At the very environment we depend, however, we are forced to pack items properly to avoid damage or breakage. We reinforce the customer experience that really pack shipments with the utmost care.

Privacy Policy
Your personal information that you fill out when sending orders, records for personal use only and will not under any circumstances to any third party. When ordering you specify only the address required for delivery of a package, and contacts for potential verification of the order. Never disclose your details to any third party and your data is used internally only for our purposes.

Wholesale warehouse
Opening hours on weekdays Mon - Fri from 8.00 to 15.00.Předem it is better to arrange your visit to tel.499 624 094 or 602 115 666 or so you can fully times.For example, that was closed because of company participation in exhibitions or acceptance of goods in the warehouse.

Goods can be returned or a claim under the currently applicable standards

Claims for undelivered goods, goods sent in error, poorly supplied or wrong number apply immediately upon receipt, up to two days by email or phone. Goods are selected with utmost care so that the customer is satisfied and packaged so that the path breakage despite often very inconsiderate treatment by mail.

In case of complaints please do not immediately contact the email or phone, we can deal with your complaint as soon as possible to your satisfaction.

Discounts for payment in cash or E-shop.

• over 20 000,-CZK without VAT - 10% discount
• over 100 000 CZK without VAT - 20% discount

Discounts are valid only when paying in cash or cash on delivery, rather than the invoice due date.

The discounts are being counted tumbled stones in 5 kg bags at a special price of 5 kg and products in action.