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Schungite for water.Kits for water purification, for filters, elite Shungit, powder Celý článek
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Schungit elite natural - bag 20 gramů small pieces

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Kat. číslo:SUE1
Foto:ilustrační foto
Země původu:Karelie,Rusko
Balení:20 gramů
Shungites ELLITE elite Shungites is a very rare form of the mineral (mineral rarity) metamof formed with a strong metallic luster anthracite with an extremely high content of fullerenes (anthraxolite), which is mined by hand difficult to process (brittle) and is used: to prepare schungit water (20 g per 1 of water). water is more mineralized, energy-structured and clean. (Neutralizes viruses and dangerous cells, has strong antioxidant effects and antibactery) as an amulet in the pendant or pocket healing powers due to its high content of fullerenes protects against electromagnetic effects of household appliances and electrosmog unique gift Preparation of water: just put it in a glass of water and the next day you can drink (dosage 20 g to 1 liter of water) and you know they are saturated with water and fullerenes is energetically structured. content of 90-98% carbon, have normal Shungites carbon content 30%

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