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Orgonite pyramid exclusive 40 mm gold - with turquise

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Kat. číslo:OPE40MKSy
Foto:originální foto
Země původu:CZ
Balení:1 kus
Orgonite pyramid size 40x40 mm and height 30 mm Orgonite is radiant energy, which in itself draws negative energy and transforms it into positive. Orgonite is a very efficient energy conversion tools. Energy from their environment to attract inward inside the crystal by crystal clean and purify high levels of vibration and emits out. Orgonite - what it is, use: - Personal charm, original striking jewel - Defender of the human energy field - Increasing the vibration helps in healing - Reduces fatigue, sleep harmonises - Larger piece blocked the influence of geopathic zones - Reduces harmful effects on the electronic health

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