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Orgonite exclusive mobile emitter 20 mm type moonstone

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Kat. číslo:OEZMMK
Foto:originální foto
Země původu:CZ
Balení:1 kus
Orgonite mobile emitter to 20 mm type moonstone. Adhesive for sticking behind the mobile. Orgonite is radiant energy, which in itself draws negative energy and transforms it into positive. Orgonite is a very efficient energy conversion tools. Energy from their environment to attract inward inside the crystal by crystal clean and purify high levels of vibration and emits out. Orgonite - what it is, use: - Personal charm, original striking jewel - Defender of the human energy field - Increasing the vibration helps in healing - Reduces fatigue, sleep harmonises - Larger piece blocked the influence of geopathic zones - Reduces harmful effects on the electronic health

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